Our objective is not to spoon-feed people a new belief system, but rather to inspire people to question the very concept of belief, strip away everything until only primal instinct remains and connect with others of like-mind.

Challenge and question everything.

Anarchy has been defined by many people in many different ways, with ideologies prefixed by "anarcho" now coming in so many flavors that the term has practically become meaningless. We use the term anarchy to refer exclusively to the states of nonhuman animal and early hominid societies -- societies that lack both rulers and artificial rules. While animal societies are certainly bound by strict rules with often brutal consequences, these rules are not invented and dictated by individuals. Animals merely act on their innate drives utilizing experience and instinct.  

Here our critics will cry "Naturalistic fallacy!" But if the basis for morality is not in Nature, if it is not encoded in the genes that we share with our fellow animals, then where is it to be found? Civilized morality has no firm foundation -- it is plucked from thin air, invented, created ex nihilo, from nothing, a virus born in the minds of those who believe lies.

John Zerzan came very close to identifying the root cause of Civilization but then totally missed the mark by attacking symbolic thought. All thought, indeed the neural activity of all animals, is fundamentally symbolic. In order to learn and recognize new patterns, neural ensembles continuously modify their synapses to form electro-chemical compressed fuzzy representations of reality as filtered through the senses.

Civilization arises not from symbolic thought, but from the mutations inherent in the transmission of thought through language from one mind to another. Like the rabies virus, these mutations persist and spread due to emotional hijacking, behavioral modification and artificial selection (domestication). These mutations arise through several mechanisms:

  • Background noise (auditory and visual)
  • Inattention 
  • Semantic differences between individuals
  • Neuroplasticity (neural rewiring due to reflection, altered states of consciousness, aging or injury)
  • Malapropism (transmission errors due to semantic confusion, typos and misspelling. 
  • Memetic engineering
  • Deliberate lies

Civilization can be eliminated from an individual only by identifying and purging detrimental mutations (false concepts) and rebooting the mind. In order to prevent re-infection, an individual must acquire immunity by dispensing with the concept of belief. No matter how much faith one places in another person or concept, all linguistic transmissions (including one's own thoughts) must be questioned and accepted only with the direct observation of compelling evidence. While this process is very similar to the scientific method, it has no regard for authoritative or majority opinions. The most radical implication of this paradigm shift is that it becomes impossible to accept any statements by others as facts. The kinds of 2nd hand statistical data regarded as "evidence" by science today cannot be accepted unless the statistics can be personally verified, as numbers can be manipulated. When one must personally validate all concepts, Civilization dies. This does not mean that one cannot learn from other's examples -- one only needs to see another bitten by a snake to learn that some snakes are poisonous. We expect no one to believe -- we wish only that those we inspire will turn their minds into a blank slate and open their eyes to the universe like a child who has not learned to speak. 

While many anarcho-primitivists reject technology (and even language) in theory, they cannot do so in practice -- resulting in hypocrisy, psychosis and abject failure. Ask yourself, if a chimpanzee could learn to use a piece of useful technology, would he hesitate to do so based on ideological objections alone?  Civilization is merely a concept -- a living virtual virus of the mind. It is not roads, cars, guns or computers -- these objects are its inanimate detritus. To animals, the material objects that humans mistake for "civilization" are simply objects that may be food, may provide shelter, or may simply get in the way. Picture a band of modern human hunters equipped with rifles, hundreds of modern rat traps, vehicles, portable renewable energy devices and encrypted communication systems. Or fishermen with fiberglass sailboats, desalinators and pelagic longlines. The kind of freedom dreamt of by the primitivists no longer is an abstract concept or available only to our descendants in a post-apocalyptic future. Freedom becomes achievable in the here-and-now by anyone who really wants it.

Total anarchy -- or Animalism --  is a truly unique concept -- only when humans strip away the illusions of Civilization and embrace the fact that they are animals can they truly be free. We must accept that to live we must take life. We must dispense with all notions of value  -- a plant is Life -- simply because we cannot comprehend its experience does not mean that it has none. We must take the Life of other Life, but in the end we become all Life. From the dust we come and to the dust we shall return. We are created from the dust of the dead. Does anything truly die?

One can only speculate on the path that humans might have taken if they had completed the transition to obligate carnivores prior to developing language. It is possible that with a heightened acceptance of risk, pain and death they would have not felt the need to "name the unseen" and ascribe sickness to punishments from imaginary "spirits." Perhaps if they had made peace with the predatory nature of all life, a different kind of "civilization" might have evolved over eons -- a pure symbiosis between thought, action and language without repression or coercion.  Perhaps it is not too late to find out. 

Fear breeds belief, and belief enslaves the mind

Once all mental chains have been broken, anything becomes possible

From vanishing naked into the mountains to exploring the stars. 

While many may deride this approach as "lifestyle" anarchy, how can one expect to create an anarchist society when Civilization dictates the rules within one's own head? Animalistic transformation is only the necessary beginning. A lion cannot join the fray of battle while it is still a cub.  

Those whose minds are controlled by ideology,

those who dedicate their lives to fighting for "causes" of any kind

have ceased to truly live.

They transform into yet another cog in the perpetual war between virtual machines.