Above: Our community land in northern New Mexico

Exciting News!

We have now aquired a small plot of land in New Mexico. The land is 4 miles from National Forest and 1.5 miles from BLM land, both of which allow year-round hunting with an inexpenisve small game or nongame license as well as seasonal trapping with a license that is more expensive for nonresidents.

Our primary goal is to establish a band (an extended family) of modern Subsistence hunters.

Probably the hardest part of building a movement is the very first step: One has to collect a handful of strongly committed people of the right sort. . . Actually there are some very good ideas in the green anarchist/anarcho-primitivist movement, and I believe that in certain ways that movement takes the right approach. But the movement has been ruined by an excessive influx of the wrong kinds of people. . . A point to bear in mind, however, is that a group will not attract and hold adherents if it remains a mere debating society. One has to get people involved in practical projects if one wants to hold their interest . . . where people belong to a close-knit reference group, they become largely immune to the system's propaganda.

--Technological Slavery 

Core values

  • Hunting: Our digestive systems are not designed to eat an exclusively plant-based diet*, and we possess the intelligence, curiosity, and drives of apex predators. In the modern world, and with little money, we must hunt nomadically on "public" land or on the sea. If we cannot acquire enough calories in a given bioregion, the next best avenue of sustenance is through the trade of some kind of non-domesticated natural resource. 
  • Nomadism: if you are always just sitting you are just waiting to die. Sedentary life destroys the body and depresses the mind.
  • Naturism: Forced clothing for non-utilitarian reasons often delivers the first mental infection, leading to repression of sexuality, which leads to domestication through selective breeding. 
  • Polyamory: It is absurd to think that one can love only one person. This attitude leads to the institution of marriage and the inevitability of domestication.
  • Anarchy: Rules and rulers lead to the very state that we find ourselves in. We also must not rule our own children. In this light, it is paramount that our children are not subjected to the torture of "school." They must be free to do whatever they want as well. 

*Humans cannot efficiently digest cellulose, so while they can seasonally rely on nuts, seeds, fruits and heavily processed roots/hearts in some bioregions, in the majority of non-tropical areas throughout the year, animal fat must provide the bulk of the diet as measured by calories. The enlargement of the human brain was almost certainly due to early humans transitioning to a meat-based diet -- which required predatory intelligence to outwit prey, make weapons to kill them, and knives to butcher them. 

From a philosophical and environmental standpoint, veganism also devalues the lives of plants and the ecosystems that  are utterly dependent on them. While natural prairies and grasslands might not seem as valuable to some as mountain wilderness, their biodiversity has been utterly devastated and destroyed by the industrial soybean farms that are the foundation of many modern vegan diets. 

We do not live in the world of our ancestors, who roamed at will, thriving on big game, free of fences, religious bigots and regulations. If we were to try to replicate a stone-age existence in this day and age, the endeavor would be doomed to failure -- we must now deal with artificial regulations, scarcity of resources, and the requirement to travel often vast distances.

We must adapt


  • Technology: We will utilize vehicles, modern weapons and traps to increase our odds of procuring scarce game in the limited areas that we are "allowed" to hunt. At the same time, we should maintain or acquire the ability to make and repair all tools with available resources -- including with civilized detritus such as scrap metal and plastic. 
  • Energy: Modern technology requires energy. Our goal is to ultimately produce our own through solar, wind and wood gas.
  • Land: It is beneficial to "own" a very small plot of land near public land in order to store equipment, camp for longer periods of time, maintain an energy plant and process game.
  • Finances: Small amounts of money will be required to purchase hunting licenses, fuel, ammunition, and repair equipment. Funds can be acquired by selling furs, bone, antler, minerals, surplus meat and donations for the sharing of expertise.
  • The "Law": We cannot live under current artificial laws yet we cannot openly live in defiance of them and hope to have happy and successful lives. Therefore, we must remain low-key and avoid unnecessary disturbance (particularly among the "locals"). This entails things like having to put on clothes during a warm day or procuring hunting licenses if we have a high probability of encountering strangers. We won't seek out any kind of unavoidable confrontation, as such confrontation in this era would result only in the destruction of the community. 


  • Like-Mindedness: This is the most important requirement -- if we don't agree on the core values,the community will implode. You should first thoroughly familiarize yourself with our worldview and then contact us. After we have come to know each other, and if we both feel comfortable together, you will be invited to our current location.
  • Dedication and Fortitude: The kind of life we live is unimaginably fulfilling -- but it is not easy. To live as a nomadic hunter requires extreme mental strength and physical endurance. In addition, we want you to become part of our family, and large families can also experience emotional issues. We encourage you to accustom yourself to physical stress and toughen your mind. While not a requirement, it also helps a great deal to have prior experience in subsistence hunting or commercial fishing. 
  • Unmarried: This is fairly self-evident, however we also recommend that any "couples" that join us also try to find one or more partners in our community to solidify the bonds of family. 
  • Unemployed or Self-Employed: We only want family who can spend lots of time with us!

Our society is a family of animals. Once you have passed the initial requirements, there are no rules. While we would love for you to spend the rest of your life with us, as long as we get along, you can come and go as you please. You can visit your relatives in civilization. You can bring a satellite internet connection if you can carry it and charge it! You can show up in a lifted 4x4 truck with enough supplies for years or on your own two feet and the clothes on your back (or nothing at all). 


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